Genshin 4.1 banners | Genshin 4.1 Rerun Banners

Genshin 4.1 Rerun Banners

Today’s article tells you about Genshin 4.1 banners, where you can see Raiden Shogun and Arataki Itto rerun banners.

genshin 4.1 banner leaks

The Genshin Version 4.0 update is just days away, and players are eagerly awaiting new content and rerun banners. Although HoYoverse officials have not officially announced anything, the new Fontaine area is expected to arrive around August 16, 2023. Many players eagerly await the 4.0 particular program that will officially reveal the region and want to know what new things it will bring. Hope 4.0 special program will start on August 4.

Genshin 4.1 banners

While we wait for that, new leaks about the version 4.1 banner have surfaced online. Several reliable sources have confirmed that Wriothesley and Neuvillette will be released in this update under the 4.1 banner and that both will be 5-star units.

Wriothesley and Neuvillette

This is confirmed, as each 4.1 patch is said to feature two new five-star characters, and one of them will always be Hydro. For example, version 1.1 featured Childe, 2.1 featured Kokomi as the new hydro unit, and 3.1 featured Nilu as Sumeru’s new five-star hydro character. Neuvillette will be released in the first phase of the upcoming version, 4.1. His kit is already on my website, so if you want to know more about him, you can check out my previous post.

4.1 banner genshin

Raiden Shogun genshin 4.1 banners

According to the leak, at the same time, we expect Raiden Shogun to get its third rerun banner in the same episode. It’s only been a while since Raiden got back on the run, and now he’s being brought back. Her last rerun was in version 3.3, which is close.

Genshin 4.1 banners

I think Wriothesley will stick with Arataki Itto in the second half, as he can also get his third replay at 4.1. Although it was earlier speculated from the leak that Hu Tao might get a rework in its next version, 4.1 is said to have been changed.

Arataki Itto genshin 4.1 banners

It was also speculated that Hu Tao would get it again in its next version, 4.1, but not now. This is understandable as characters like Albedo, Ayato, and Itto still have banners left so they won’t get jobs in 4.1. Various leaks have reported that there is currently no information about the 4-star character that will appear in the version 4.1 banner. Know more

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