Genshin 4.2 Rerun Banners

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Genshin 4.2 Rerun Banners

Genshin 4.2 rerun banners; According to reliable sources, new information about the upcoming Genshin 4.2 rerun banners has been found. Now the first phase of Genshin version 4.0 is currently running, and Liny and Yelan’s banners are currently running on all servers. The second phase will start on September 5, which is still 10 days away, and with that, Jhangli and Childe’s banner will be relaunched, which I told you earlier.

Genshin 4.1 Banners

I told you earlier that two banners for Genshin 4.1 have been officially confirmed, and they are the banners of Wriothesley’s and Neuvillette’. However, two rerun characters are still unannounced at the moment, but they could possibly be Venti and Hu Tao.

Wriothesley and Neuvillette

Genshin 4.2 Banners

Genshin 4.2 rerun banners: Currently we have new information about Genshin 4.2 rerun banners. The source of this information is uncle YC, Huutaolover77 and plusle. And they are very reliable liquors. It was confirmed that Furina would get her banner back in version 4.2 due to the Archon Quest Chapter 4 unfinished story. Acts 3 and 4 of Archon Quest Chapter 4 will reportedly be added in version 4.1. And then in version 4.2, Act 5 will be published. Furina will also get her own story quest in version 4.2, just like all other characters’ story quests. So he will definitely get his banner in 4.2, it will be in phase 1 or 2, we have to wait some time to confirm that.

Except for Furina, no new five-star characters will be released in version 4.2, so the other three slots will again be filled by Banner. And according to the new information, they are brothers, Saino and Ayato. Baizhu is 100 percent confirmed to get his first re-banner in the first phase of version 4.2. Ayato will get his rerun with Baizhu.

baizhu, ayato 4.2 banners

Baizhu was released in version 3.6, and considering that every new character gets a rerun after 3 or 4 patches since their initial release, Baizhu is guaranteed to get a rerun in 4.2.
Ayato’s last rerun was back with Raiden Shogun in version 3.3, so he might get his rerun as well. And finally cyno, cyno was released in version 3.1 and then reintroduced in version 3.5. So he’s set to get his second rerun in version 4.2. Cyno’s banner will likely be in the second phase, as his previous two banners were in the first phase.
Last week I made a video about the upcoming rerun, and I said that ayato and cyno or albedo will be in version 4.2. And now with this leak, it seems my guess was right. You can know more from HoyoVerser

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