Genshin 4.4 banner leaks

Genshin 4.4 banner leaks

Genshin 4.4 banner leaks – Hello my dear friends, in this article today I am going to be talking about some major updates to both genshin 4.3 and Genshin 4.4 banner leaks in terms of characters, banners, artifacts, and more. Genshin Impact Leaks 4.0 to 4.3 Rerun Banners

genshin 4.3 banner leaks

So starting with version 4.3, you know by now that we’re expected to get Navia here, and her drip marketing will probably be over by the time this video is released. You can check out my previous article about his kit, but the update is that his first constellation is now one of his passives where he will be able to fire two cannon shots with his skill which is a great F2P buff. As the rest of the characters are predicted to arrive, it was initially said that Raiden will rerun here with the 5-star Geo characters.

It’s also said that Chevreuse releases in version 4.3, and you can check out my previous video about him if you’re interested in seeing how he seems to be doing. Now moving on to the new artifact set in version 4.3, we’ve got an update on the old one and some info on a new one. So with the old Navia Artifact, the two pieces are said to give an 18% attack bonus, which is beneficial to her since we know she’s now scaling attack. The four piece set has changed though and it will increase Geo elemental damage by 40% after picking up the crystal and I assume it’s not a stackable type of thing. I think this alone would make the artifact set great for basically all geo dps or even burst dps like Ningguang so I’ll farm it. As per the other new artifacts, this is called a healing artifact which I think was initially said to be good in Cloud Retainer. So this artifact will record the total amount of active healing and buff the character’s ATK on the field by 4% of the healing done in the last 10 seconds.¬†Genshin 4.4 banner leaks

genshin impact private server 4.0 android

itto genshin

It will have a 30,000 heal limit, so it can deal up to 1200 extra damage, and this damage is said to be a flat dmg increase so I guess it will be pretty good.

Genshin 4.4 banner

Genshin 4.4 banner leaks: ow moving on to genshin 4.4, it was briefly said that Yae Miko was getting a skin here, but unfortunately not. Those still said to get a skin in 4.4 actually mean Ganyu, Shenhe and Jingqiu as those two are said to get their reruns in this patch as well. Now moving on to the Cloud Retainer, it is said that he will be able to fly to his abilities, but it is also said that he will be able to do better than the Wanderer in terms of the duration and control of his flight.

gayna shenhe and xingqiu
gayna shenhe and xingqiu

Genshin 4.4 banner leaks; I think it’s actually cool and makes sense because she’s a bird and gives me more reasons to pull for her, but the drawback is that her flight is a bit slow. He’s said to be able to buff Damage Yo Furina, which is pretty interesting if he’s a watered down version, and he’s also said to be able to do some crowd control by taunting his kit.

cloud retainer
cloud retainer

Cloud Retainer seems to be getting better and better by the day so you already know I’m going to be pulling for that, but let me know what you think of all these updates in the comments below. Genshin 4.4 banner leaks ends now..

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