Genshin Impact 3.8 Leaks Character & Weapon Banners Phase 1 and 2

Genshin Impact 3.8 Leaks Rerun Banners of Characters

Version 3.8 is just around the corner and will be released on Wednesday 5 July 2023 which is about 11 days from now. Stay tuned for the special program live stream on Friday, 23rd June, at 8 AM UTC minus 4, as the live stream will include 300 Freemogems redeem codes which you will find on my website. Banners and weapon banners for version 3.8 characters have already been confirmed with us. In the first episode, 5-star characters Eula and Klee will receive the banner again.

Eula and Klee rerun banners

Mika, Razor, and Rosaria will get banners for 4-star characters of Genshin Impact 3.8 Leaks.

Mika, Razor, and Rosaria 3.8 banner leaks

For the second episode, the 5-star characters will be Wanderer and Kokomi. In version 3.8, their banners have been reintroduced,

Wanderer and Kokomi 3.8 rerun banners

and for 4-star characters, the Faruzan, Thoma, and Yanfei banners have been reintroduced.

Faruzan, Thoma, and Yanfei 3.8 rerun banners

Genshin Impact 3.8 Leaks Rerun Banners of Weapons 

We have already confirmed the weapons banner of the first phase. The 5-Star Arms Banner is named for the Song of Broken Pines and Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.

3.8 weapon bannersNow you see the 4-star weapon banners are here. Names are The Alley Flash, Favonius Lance, Mitternachts Waltz, Rainslasher, and Eye of Perception.

genshin leaks 3.8 weapon banners

But while the second phase weapons banner has yet to be confirmed with us so far, it is more likely that these arms will appear on the banner. As 5-star weapon banners in Phase 2, we will see the Everlasting Moonglow and Tulaytullah’s Remembrance catalyst.

Everlasting Moonglow and Tulaytullah's Remembrance catalyst weapon banners 3.8

and we will see the 4-star weapons banner are Sacrificial Sword, Dragon’s Bane, Alley Hunter, The Bell, and Wine and Song.

3.8 weapon rerun banners.JPG

If you are a skilled F2P player, before the release of version 3.8, you will still get about 4000 Freemogems from various sources such as Daily Commission, Abyss, Limited Events and Paimon’s store. Version 3.8, as a F2P skilled player, you will get 11,000 free primogems or 68 free pools. Let us know what you think of the version 3.8 banners. Do you want to pull them or wait for the Fontaine area to be released? Not only Freemogems, but you also get a free 4-star character in version 3.8 called Layla.

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