Genshin Impact 4.0 Leaks Rerun Banners

You know that Genshin Impact 4.0 Leaks Rerun Banners of Zhongli and Yelan.

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Genshin Impact 4.0 Leaks Rerun Banners

We are about to get the long-awaited hydro region, only a month away from going to Fontaine. Genshin version 4.0 will introduce us to the new area, Fontaine, and is expected to be released on August 16, 2023. Genshin Impact’s upcoming Fontaine roster appears to be one for the ages. With the official reveal of the new region via teaser, Hoyoverse showed off almost every playable character they know will be released in the next six months. Since the introduction of a new race will bring many characters, players need to have an idea of what to expect.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Leaks 

Genshin version 4.0 will feature 5-star characters in the character banner and the new character identity of Fontaine, Lyney. According to HutaoLover77 and Uncle YC, Lyney and Yelan will be 5-star characters in Phase 1 Banner.

Lyney and Yelan 4.0 rerun banners

While Tartaglia and Zhongli will become 5-star characters in Phase 2 Banner.

Tartaglia and Zhongli 4.0 rerun banners

Lyney has already been confirmed as the main new character under the Genshin 4.0 banner, as she and her 4-star twin siblings, Lynette and Freminet, will reportedly be added to the game as the first Fontaine characters. Lyney’s gameplay has yet to be officially revealed to Us, but her pyro bow combination and alleged DPS role in a team comp seems to serve as a decent alternative to Yoimiya. Lynette will be a four star Animo Sword user, who will likely complement Linnie’s gameplay. Where Framenet will be a four star cryo claymore user.

As you probably know, Yelan is one of the best characters in the entire game, and his hydro sub-DPS presence on the field can serve as a great way to complement a team with Lyney. His kit plays a very useful role for most teams.

Genshin makes the Phase 1 banner in version 4.0 a powerful reason for players to wish them well. Tartaglia still uses one of the strongest hydro DPS in the game with a unique gameplay kit. Liyue’s Geo Archon is the best defender in the game, and his addition as a supporting character balances the focus on the previously mentioned DPS characters. However, Zhongli can be built as a DPS, so that it will depend on player preference. Jio Daddy has just appeared on banners since September 2022, so featuring him as an option a year after his last banner is seen as a clever strategy.


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