Genshin Impact 4.0 RERUN BANNERS Of Raiden Shogun & Yelan

Hello my dear friends! How are you? I hope you are well. By the way friends! Today i will show you Genshin Impact 4.0 Rerun banners of Raiden Shogun and Yelan. Version 3.8 special live stream program aired yesterday, and we got 300 primogems to redeem code which we updated on this website. You can grab it now; we have an official banner for version 3.8.

Genshin Impact 3.8 Rerun Banners

In the first phase of version 3.8, we have Eula and Klee getting their rework after a long time.

Eula and klee 3.8 rerun banner

And in the second episode we’ll see Kokomi and Wanderer get their reruns again.

kokomi and wanderer 3.8 rerun banners

Wanderer got its first rerun after version 3.3 was released. But Kokomi was in the previous Rerun 3.0 version with Gaanyu. Version 3.8 will be the last patch of the 3. x cycle which means the next patch will be 4.0; after 3.8, we go to Hydro Region Fontaine.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Leaks

With the release of new regions, we will see many new characters. According to the latest leak, we can only see one new five-star character and two new four-star characters under the banner in version 4.0. According to the latest information, Liny will get his rerun banner in the first half of version 4.0.

Lyney 4.0 rerun banner

Some players didn’t like his old design shown in the storyline preview trailer video, but now his 3D model looks great. According to new rumors, he will be a DPS character, so you can still consider that. Our next character will be Childe. But Childe will get a rerun banner in the first half of version 4.0. And you can be hundred percent sure of it. The order may change but, the child will definitely get its banner rerun in version 4.0. Lynette will be the new four-star character to be seen in the first half.

lynette 4.0 rerun banner

Now let’s talk about the second phase, 99 percent sure that Yelan will get a rerun in 4.0. Because he only got his rematch once after he was released in version 2.7. Although Yelan received a rerun in his previous version, 3.4, he will likely be rerun. So if you want to get him, keep saving your Primogems.

Yelan rerun banner 4.0

Let’s get to know about the next character. There are a lot of rumors going around in the community. According to the latest information, Zhongli will not get a rerun and will not appear in version 4.0. Pushing Zhongli, we now have two candidates for Archon reruns, Raiden Shogun and Venti.

raiden shogun and venti rerun 4.0 banner

According to rumors, the Dornman port, part of Mondstad, will be in version 4.3. And it’s expected to involve Venti’s next story quest and add a new weekly boss. So Venti is expected to get his rerun.

venti rerun banner

Raiden Shogun Rerun Banner

raiden shogun rerun 4.0 banner

The only archon we currently have is Raiden Shogun. He should rework the second half of his 4.0 version. She won’t be among us soon since Nahida just got her resurrection in 3.6.

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