Genshin Impact Leak About Arlecchino, Cloud Retainer and Charlotte

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Genshin Impact Leak

According to the new Genshin Impact Leak, Jenshin reveals information about Impact’s upcoming characters: where Cloud Retainer, Arlechino, and Charlotte. Cloud Retainer is an adept with the ability to transform between a bird and human form. Arlechino has the ability to control HP, while Charlotte is supposed to be a cryo healer like Baizhu.
Cloud Retainer’s elemental skill will transform him into a bird, and his kit moves around using Plunging attacks similar to Xiao’s playstyle. Arlecchino’s kit is described as “puppeteering”, but no specific details have been given so far. Charlotte’s playstyle is similar to Baizhu and is said to use cryo elements.
It is learned that these characters are highly anticipated by the players and might become playable in the upcoming updates. Our players may have to wait until the 4.2 beta to get more information about these characters.

Arlecchino Leaks

According to the latest Genshin Impact leak, there is more information about three popular characters, Arlechino, Cloud Retainer, and Charlotte. Since the game’s arrival in September 2020, the world of Teyvat has introduced many legendary characters to the HoYoverse whose full stories have yet to be explored by the travelers among us. While some characters like Baizhu or Wanderer have joined the playable list, others like Cloud Retainer or Madam Ping are still waiting to appear under a limited character banner. A few new Genshin Impact leak have some interesting information about some characters that are thought to be playable much sooner than many players expected.

Cloud Retainer Leaks

A new set of leaks has revealed more interesting details about Cloud Retainer, Arlechino and Charlotte. Among them, Cloud Retainer was the first character to appear in the game and was introduced as an Adept who was a powerful light creature and deity known as the Liyue Archon Morax. Found out that Adeptir Prime serves. During Liyue’s quest line, this character only appears in the form of a white crane, and is found to have a human form. According to the new leak, Cloud Retainer’s elemental skill will be able to transform him back into a bird which means he will be introduced to his human form. Not much information is available on his Elemental Burst as it relates to AoE damage. However, this character’s kit is said to move around using Plunging Attack, similar to Xiao’s playstyle.

Charlotte Leaks

Genshin Impact Leak About Arlecchino, Cloud Retainer and Charlotte

The Genshin Impact leak claims that Arlecchino will be suitable to control HP, but the post did not give any specific details. This could be related to one of the former Genshin Impact leak that described Arlecchino’s tackle as” Puppeteering.” While players are still staying for her to introduce herself to the game, others are mooting about her eventuality to join the playable canon. It’s safe to say that she’s the most awaited Fontaine character at the moment alongside the Hydo Archon Furina whose release is anticipated in Genshin Impact update4.2. The post has also revealed that Furina has great community with Baizhu which could ameliorate this Dendro support’s place in the current meta.

Charlotte will supposedly be a healer who has a analogous playstyle to Baizhu, but she’ll be using the Cryo element. To find out further information about the coming characters, players will presumably have to stay for the4.2 beta which will arrive around the same time Genshin Impact interpretation4.1 joins the live waiters.

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