Genshin Impact Leaks 3.8 Rerun Banners

Today I will post about the upcoming version 3.8 livestream date and time of Hoyoverse. The upcoming version 3.8 update is expected to go live on 5 July 2023, just 2 weeks away. As we already know, before the release of the patch, HoYoverse conducts a live-streamed special program on their official Youtube channels to give us an idea of what to expect from the upcoming version. The poster for the upcoming 3.8 Livestream programs is out. As you can see in the Japanese, there is Zhongli, but why? We know there will be no quests related to Jhangli in version 3.8. He has no involvement in the main investigation, so why is he here?

genshin 3.8 rerun banner zhongli

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Genshin 3.8 Banners

So far, it’s 99% certain that version 3.8’s banners are Klee, Eula, wanderer and Kokomi, which has only a 1% chance of being wrong. Below are the 3.8 rerun banners of klee, eula, wanderer and kokomi.

klee ,eula ,wanderer and kokomi 3.8 rerun banners genshin

Genshin Impact Leaks 3.8 Banner 

In version 3.5, every leaker said that Yula and Albedo were getting their reruns in the second episode, but when the live stream happened, Ayaka and Senhe got to see it. But not a single leak about Ayaka being in the banner. That’s why these thoughts are coming to my head. We’re less than 48 hours from the live stream, and it’ll be exciting to see which characters get their reprises. We currently have 4 Archons that have become playable, and after the release of Focalar, that will be up to five.

3.8 hydro archons

Genshin Impact Leaks 3.8 Rerun Banners

zhongli genshin 3.8 rerun banner

Hoyoverse may be planning to rerun Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, and Venti before Focalo’s release in version 4.2. There’s plenty of reason to think Jonglei hasn’t had his reprieve in a while. So I am very excited about this live stream on 5th July 2023. Similarly, Hoyoverse may introduce some new characters during the live stream, as they introduced Nahida to us in the 2.8 livestream version. HoYoverse officially announces all the characters, codes, new skins and other event information during the special program live stream, so you won’t be fine if you miss it. But don’t worry, because even if you miss it, I’ll post the code and other information on my website.


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