Genshin Impact leaks 4.0 Yelan Rerun Banners

I will tell you about Genshin Impact leaks 4.0 Yelan Rerun Banners in this article. The end of version 3.7 is fast approaching, and players are anxious about the upcoming release of 3.8, especially as everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of Fontaine in less than 2 months. However, it seems likely that these characters will return to the game in version 3.8.

Genshin 3.8 rerun banner phase 1

Genshin 3.8 rerun banner phase 2

Genshin impact leaks 4.0 Yelan Rerun Banners

Meanwhile, version 4.0 is getting exciting. We already know that Lyney, a 5-star Pyro bo DPS, will specialize in single-target enemies, and she will be joining the roster.

lyney 4.0 banner

Linnie is accompanied by her twin Lynette, a 4-star Animo Sword unit, who will serve as dedicated support.

Lynette 4.0 banner genshin

Additionally new character, a cryo 4-star character named Freminet will join version 4.0.

Freminet 4.0 banner leaks

Also, according to the leak, Childe and Yelan may be featured in two other banners in the 4.0 update.

Childe and Yelan 4.0 banners leaks

But so far, the final character remains to be determined among us, although Zhongli is thought to appear for several reasons. First, since Lini relies heavily on charged attacks, pairing her with Shielder would be a smart move. Second, since Hoyoverse only completes two patches with an Archon rerun, they reckon Zhongli will have a strong chance of reruns at present. Therefore, version 4.0 will finalize Laini and Zhongli for Phase 1, while Child and Yelan may appear in Phase 2. This is all speculation from the leak, and more information will be gathered once the closed beta of Sammen 4.0 begins. What are you waiting for, version 4.0? Let us know your comments.

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