Genshin Impact Leaks 4.1 to 4.4 Rerun Banners

Genshin Impact Leaks

Genshin Impact Leaks: Version 4.0 rolled out this week which some of you may not be aware of, and I think players are enjoying all the content offered in this patch. Along with new regions, new archon quests and all, we also got an archon rerun banner in the current ongoing update that everyone has been loving. Although the second episode will begin on September 5th, here the banners of children and Jhangli will be back. As Zhongli gets his resurrection, we have a new archon and three other archons are said to be recovering the banner.

Genshin 4.1 banners

Wriothesley and Neuvillette 4.1 RERUN Banner

Genshin 4.1 version will be available on September 27th and it will be just one day before the 3rd anniversary day of Genshin effect. In the recent drip marketing for Genshin 4.1 upcoming patch, hoyoverse has officially confirmed wriothesley & neuvillette as new characters in our midst. Both of them will be five star catalyst characters which is now confirmed as I told you earlier. However, I also reported that Wriothesley is a cryo character, while Newvillet will be a hydro character, which has now been confirmed to be true.

genshin 4.1 banners of archon

An Archon rerun is confirmed in version 4.1 which you can see above and will be the Venti rerun banner from Genshin Impact Leaks.

Genshin 4.2 banners

genshin 4.2 banner of furina

We know that Archon Quest Chapter 4 is not finished yet, and seems to be completed in version 4.2 along with Act 5. So Furina will be released in version 4.2 and see the rerun banner above. Although Furina is definitely a Hydro five star character. The Hoyoverse continues to follow their previous pattern of reruns of Archon, and what they followed in Sumeru before. As you know Jhangli’s last rerun was in Tighri version 3.0, and this time he got a rerun in 4.0 which is current. In version 3.1, Venti had his rerun with Cyno and this time Venti will also get his rerun in the second episode of version 4.1. And it’s not just me saying there’s a lot of evidence, there are some leaks in the community to prove what I’m saying that you’ve seen before. Genshin Impact Leaks.

Before proceeding, I would like to tell some free to play players tips that will be useful for you. Although these banners look promising to me, you should evaluate your needs and goals before committing. You should consider the roles you want to fill already Consider any missing elements beforehand, such as a strong DPS, support, or healing character, and select banners that meet those needs in your favor.

Genshin 4.3 banners

dendro archon 4.3 banner genshin

Do you remember Archon Quest Chapter 3 ending with Act 5 in version 3.2? And in this same patch, our favorite Dendro Archon was released which everyone loved. However, I have learned that Hydro Archon Furina will also be released with Genshin 4.3. Since Nahida made her last appearance back in version 3.6, she won’t appear before Raiden Shogun.
That’s what I’m sure of and haven’t seen its revision since version 3.3. So I can be sure that Raiden Shogun will definitely get his rework in the first episode of version 4.3 from Genshin Impact Leaks.

raiden shogun rerun 4.3 banner

Genshin 4.4 banners

Let us inform you that after Raiden Shogun, Nahida will regain her banner in Genshin 4.4 version by Genshin Impact Leaks. So all these archons can take as the sum of the reruns of the banner. If you don’t have any of these archons, you should start saving your Primogems accordingly now. Anyway, Genshin Impact’s 3rd anniversary is coming up in a few days, what are your expectations this time? you can know more from https://www.hoyolab.com/home

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