Genshin Impact Leaks: Fontaine Character and 4.0 to 4.5 Banners Roadmap

I will tell you about Genshin Impact Leaks 4.0 to 4.5 Banners Roadmap and every Fontaine character release timeline in this article.

Genshin Impact Leaks Fontaine Character

Fontaine Character: Currently, HoYoverse has revealed many new characters in their latest official Fontaine teaser, which we are aware of. HoYoverse has created significant excitement among players eagerly awaiting the new patch update. By now, you must have heard about the debut of Lyney, Lynette and Freminet in the 4.0 version update. Let us start our post today with the characters already officially announced by HoYoverse In a recent drip marketing, Hoyoverse officials introduced us to three new characters, namely Lyney, Lynette and Freminet. We know that Lyney is a 5-star character, while the other two will come as 4-star characters. All these are confirmed to debut under the upcoming 4.0 banner. According to HuataoLover777, the version 4.1 banner will feature two 5-star characters, Wriothesley and Neuvillete. Know more

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Wriothesley and Neuvillete

Wriothesley is expected to be a cryo polearm user, and Neuvillette is a hydro catalyst user.

Genshin 4.2 banners

Fontaine of Furina hydro archon

Additionally, Fontaine of Furina has learned that Hydro Archon will get its banner in version 4.2. Other than him, no other five-star characters are currently expected to be released in version 4.2.

Genshin 4.3 banners

Arlechhino genshin 4.3 banners

In previous leaks, we learned that Arlechhino will debut under the 4.3 banner. But according to the leak, Keika’s Arlechhino banner has been suspended for half of Fontaine’s banner. He may debut in any version after the 4.4 update, according to current speculations.

Genshin 4.4 banners

Rumors suggest that version 4.4 will host Lantern Rite and debut Cloud Retainer alongside it.
Other recent posts by HuutaoLover also claim that other Liyue Harbor adeptus, Madame Ping and Guizhong will also debut in 4.4. And for this, excitement and speculation has been created in the society. The most common speculation suggests that either Guizhong or Madame Ping may join Cloud Retainer under the 4.4 banner.

Lantern Rite

Genshin 4.5 banners

Another leaker reported that Uncle A (the leaker) claimed that Navia and Chlorinde would be 5-star characters in 4.4. And these characters are revealed in the overture teaser A Final Fist, where the leaks will serve as a part of the Fontaine military. Which they claimed confirmed their high status and authority.

Navia and Clorinde genshin 4.4 banners

Uncle A (leakers) has essential details about the upcoming rerun banner that we’ll learn further. Based on recent leaks, only a 4.x update is expected to feature all the rerun characters under their banner. After Hydro Archon’s banner, I discovered that a version update on a future banner wouldn’t have the two new 5-star characters, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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