Genshin Impact Navia KIT DETAILS With NEW Fontaine Character

In this post today I’m going to talk about some more updates to the Navia Kit and Fontaine character that we might be able to play as well according to some people.

Fontaine character

Note that all information these people mention is always subject to change as we have yet to go to Fontaine and must accept that these letters will be published further down the line in Fontaine if they are true. With that being said, according to the leak, someone known as Hoyoverse Japan recently reported that a character in Fontaine Will can fly.


The only Fontaine person who can fly is the Wanderer, but the person can also mean a Venti or Kazuha-like ability where you can launch him into the air.

wanderer rerun banner

Navia Kit

According to the leak, the way I explained this message to you is that a character will carry around as an integral part of their kit. He’s talking about Navia.

navia rerun banner

Navia genshin impact is the Geo character in the Fontaine video trailer with the umbrella, and you see her flying through the air. But it can’t be that they give him an umbrella just for that. It could be because he’s been seen in the trailer the whole time, so he has it. So it can be assumed that he can fly with his umbrella. know more

Navia genshin element

So we can understand that he will be an on-field character like Wanderer and act as an on-field DPS. HoYoverse could make him a Geo Wanderer, but they wouldn’t copy and paste the same thing for another character.  Either way, he’d be an on-field DPS if he could fly. But if she can pass his umbrella to other characters, he might also be some support. But the Wanderer’s value will decrease if a new Fontaine character can fly and achieve similar things, but we’ll have to wait. But Navia looks like she will be a five-star Jio character. She will indeed be the first female 5-star character.

HuTao rerun

HuTao Lover made a statement saying that Guizhong will become a playable character, which is interesting to consider. I wonder how they will make him a playable character and make him look interesting. On top of that, it is also said that Cloud Retainer which was said to be playable around 3.5 is still playable. We’ve already seen several characters in the Fontaine trailer, and now we’re said to be getting three more.

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