Genshin Impact Update Arlecchino Release, Cloud Retainer Kit and Charlotte Kit

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Genshin Impact Update

Arlecchino new character

Some new information about the upcoming characters in Genshin Impact has surfaced online. Arlecchino is an upcoming character with huge hype of Genshin Impact Update. As a Fatui Harbinger, he is expected to be the main antagonist in the upcoming Fontaine chapter of the Archon Quest. As implied by the overture teaser, Arlecchino the Nave, Fontaine is furthering the Fatui cause. Considering Act I and Act II of Archon Quest Chapter IV covered half of the region’s story, this long absence was quite surprising.

archon quest 4

Genshin Impact Update: But now it is confirmed that he will appear in Version 4.1 Archon Quest Acts 3 and 4. While the leak suggests that Arlechino will appear in the 4.1 update’s Archon Quest, that doesn’t mean he’ll become playable in the same patch. You may have to wait a bit to add him to their list. Although not much is known about the character yet, leaks suggest that Arlecchino will be a 5-star pyro character with a polearm as his weapon of choice. It is unclear whether his elemental power results from a vision or an illusion.

As for her release, she’s anticipated to be released in interpretation4.6 or later. Uncle A, a well- known leaker, has suggested that Liyue’s Adeptus Cloud Retainer and Madame Ping may come playable in the game.

Liyue and madame ping

Team China and their recent leaks claim that Cloud Retainer will debut in the coming Lantern Rite. Grounded on the update schedule, the forthcoming Lantern solemnities are anticipated to be during the Genshin Impact 4.4 update.

Retainer kit

Before moment, we got some new information about pall retainers tackle. According to new word, she’ll be an anemo support character from Genshin Impact Update. And she’ll be a healer. As for her oddity, it’s presently unknown but it’s largely possible that she’ll be a five star character. And for madame ping, she’s anticipated to be a four star character, and nothing further about her is presently know at the moment.


Charlotte is expected to be a four-star cryo character, though. And according to the latest leak, he is supposed to be a bit like Baizhu. Which means that he will be a healer, who will also have the ability to shield and help protect your team. Charlotte will be playable in version 4.2 from Genshin Impact Update. You can know from HoyoVerser

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