Honkai Star Rail Leaks Genshin Impact 3.8 to 4.3 All Rerun Banners

Honkai star rail leaks

Version three seven is gradually nearing its conclusion, and this compilation encompasses all available information on the upcoming banners. Despite our familiarity with the 3.8 banners, let’s quickly recap. After an absence of over 550 days, Eula is set to make her return Honkai Star Rail Leaks.

eula and klee rerun banner 3.8 to 4.3

Joining her in Phase One will be Klee. In phase two, Wanderer and Kokomi will take the spotlight. In version three, eight players can expect a new minimap featuring a rainforest, with rumors hinting at an amusement park theme.

wanderer and kokoni rerun banner 3.8

Moreover, it has been confirmed that roller coasters will be accessible. Moving forward, we transition to update 40 Fontaine. This version will finally introduce Lyneyand Lynette, a five-star Pyro bou DPS who excels against single-target enemies. At the same time, Lynette, a dedicated four-star Anemo sword unit, supports him. Recent leaks affirm that Yelan and Tartaglia will be featured in reruns. Given Lyney’s reliance on charged attacks, pairing him with a shielder will make sense.

Additionally, considering that Hoyoverse only goes up to two patches with an ARCON rerun, it is reasonable to assume that Sir Zhongli will be the fourth character to be rerun. Honkai Star Rail Leaks

zhongli rerun 3.8

Furthermore, a new four-star cryo male character named Freminet will make his debut in this version.

Genshin Impact 4.1 Leaks

In version 4.1, rumors suggest the arrival of two new five-star characters. The first is Wriothesley, rumored to be the first male five-star cryo character wielding either a sword or a catalyst. 

Wriothesley genshin

The second five-star Neuvillette will be the Chief Justice of Fontaine, and a hydro unit, possibly utilizing a claymore. Genshin 4.3 banners

Neuvillette Character

As ARCONs receive back-to-back reruns, Ryden Shogun’s much-awaited rerun will likely occur here.

Ryden Shogun

While there are no leaks regarding the four-star characters, Charlotte, a Cryo unit, will become playable in this version.

Charlotte rerun banner

Genshin Impact Leaks 4.2

Version 4.2 will introduce the Hydro ARCON Focalors. This character scales with HP and possesses a burst ability that drains the HP of all party members while providing substantial attack buffs.

Hydro ARCON Focalors

There is speculation that Baizhu might receive his first rerun alongside the hydro ARCON.

baizhu rerun banner

Genshin Impact Leaks 4.3

In version four, three players will unlock the new area of the dormant port in Mondstad, potentially accompanied by Venti’s rerun and the next ARCON quest.

Mondstad venti rerun banner

Additionally, another Harbinger is expected to become playable after the hydro ARCON. Although rumors previously circulated about Sandrone joining during the Fontaine versions,

sandrone rerun banner

Honkai Star Rail Leaks: an online image has led the community to believe that the character in question is Arlecchino, a Pyro Vision Wielder. However, due to another circulating rumor regarding Arlecchino’s fate, which of the two characters will appear in this version remains to be seen. Finally, there are rumors of a five-star Cryo female and a four-star male character from Liyue. While the four-star male character, Lion Boy, may appear early, the five-star girl will likely be introduced later in the year during the next Lantern Rite Festival.

So, which new character or rerun are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments. Honkai Star Rail Leaks

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